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    The video is unlisted and I dunno if I should make a wiki page just for it, so I'll leave it here for the moment


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    HIP 38064. Go there.

    February 9, 2016 by Digistruct0r

    O-type star? Check.

    Binary planet system within a fuel scooping zone of the said star? Check.

    A planet you can land on with a crater 70km deep which is a part of the said binary system? Check.

    Rings? Check.

    Gravity? 2g.

    Bring sunglasses and maybe a spare SRV.

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    Had way too many of those.

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    Weapons of Elite

    January 16, 2016 by Digistruct0r

    Bam, most of the guns in Elite. All of these are uploaded on the wikia in 4k, named:

    wpn_c%class%_%type%.png (e.g. wpn_c3_plasma.png)

    Classes go from 1 to 4, types are as follows:

    • cannon
    • multi (-cannon)
    • plasma (accelerator)
    • laser (burst and pulse use the same model)
    • beam
    • missile
    • torpedo
    • rail (gun)
    • frag (mentation cannon)
    • mine (launcher)
    • mining (laser)

    I might've missed some in here, feel free to tell me which ones.

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    Junga 1 is a marvellous planet indeed. With two huge craters and a perfect natural racetrack for SRVs on the other side, less than 10 lightseconds from the star and with a lot of resources to mine it seems like a perfect planet to screw around on. Untill you find yourself buried 11 clicks under the ground, that is.

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