NOTE: This is mostly about the text that displays under the ship's profile pic.

So as we all know, ships are divided into several groups on this wiki, and with a new batch coming out in 1.5 I thought some questions should be brought up (and maybe we can make some kind of guideline on this).

So we already have general categorization, which is pretty easy:

  • Fighter
  • Freighter
  • Explorer
  • Cruise/Passenger
  • Multipurpose

But then additional stuff comes into play, such as size/weight. For expample, the Vulture is marked as a "Heavy Fighter" at the moment, but while having quite a hull mass of 230t (I mean jesus that's like half the Anaconda) it is really agile and compact, which makes the "heavy" part a little bit obsolete.

So the weight part needs some sort of revamping, taking the handing into account. I suggest we use the following (feel free to build on that):

  • Small/Light: anything below 100t of hull mass, Sideys, Eagles, Couriers, etc.
  • Normal (basically no prefix): ships of overall medium mass/size/agility (I guess the Vulture would be in here)
  • Heavy: anything not fitting into previous two categories but below 600-700t hull (T9 at 1000t would probably be in this one as an exception, since there's a much larger Cutter soon to be availiable)
  • Superheavy: top of the range ships, such as Cutter, Corvette and maybe the upcoming Panther Clipper and new huge passenger ship

But then there are also subcategories, which Frontier themselves seem to distinguish, notably with Asp and Diamondback, but also with Mk3/4 DeLacy ships. We could add those as another prefix such as:

  • Combat (obviously you wouldn't add that to a Fighter ship, but to an Explorer)
  • Long-range
  • Interceptor (maybe the Imperial Eagle would fall into this category?)
  • ... (I need to come up with more of these)


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