Edit: I've gone ahead and implemented this on the Third Party Tools page.

To my understanding this wiki is dedicated to documenting the base game (Elite: Dangerous) and expansions on the game. There are already wikis for the previous games and lore (such as this one) so I don't see the need to document that information here. In the same vein 3rd party tools have their own websites and as such will have all of their information outlined and updated there. Does anyone really want that information documented here (as another thing to keep updated) or would it be okay if I move pages like the 2D Galaxy Map and Commodities Market Prices to a singular page that will only link to their main page?

An example of what I'm talking about can be found here. (Please do not edit the example as it's my personal test page)

I'll leave this blog up for a week or so before I do anything, but please leave comments and concerns below.

Thanks everyone o7