• Morwo01

    Colonia Expansion Initiative

    November 18, 2016 by Morwo01

    Frontier offers to take part on an upcoming Community Goal regarding the Colonia region and establishing the new '2nd bubble'. Frontier set up a page on which Commanders can sign up for creating a new minor faction which is going to race up in Community Gaols to come like recent Dangerous Games, where Juri Grom from EG-Pilots won and became the 11th super power there after.

    So get on the Frontier Application page( to name a not yet excisting minor faction, your ingame Commanders tag and your email address!

    Here the official source on the Frontier Forum.

    Quote of the official post below:

    Zac Antonaci, Head of Community

    Greetings Commanders!

    The Colonia Council and Pilots Federation would like to express their gratitude for your su…

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  • Morwo01

    collecting Tip Offs

    July 12, 2016 by Morwo01

    I was curious about the new events coming into ships radio coms as sort of mission offers. while some are pretty annoying like altering missions destinations which i hate most to weird offers to complete missions on specific time to get a bonus (mostly unrealitic time spans).
    there are also Tip Off's:
    they work as a destination to explore on surface for horizon owners. in coms there is a detailed information about the destination system, planet boday and coords on planet.
    im collecting gathered locations of mine as well as any i can find on steam, reddit and less likely Frontier forums.
    Discussion for this can be found on steam:…

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