I was curious about the new events coming into ships radio coms as sort of mission offers. while some are pretty annoying like altering missions destinations which i hate most to weird offers to complete missions on specific time to get a bonus (mostly unrealitic time spans).
there are also Tip Off's:
they work as a destination to explore on surface for horizon owners. in coms there is a detailed information about the destination system, planet boday and coords on planet.
im collecting gathered locations of mine as well as any i can find on steam, reddit and less likely Frontier forums.
Discussion for this can be found on steam:
today i remembered that one of them containing an Unknown Artifiact which i need to get some for meeting requirementf of Proffessor Palin. it was on Izanami A 4 a -2.26 145.13. routing to destination i met nothing. i don't know yet if the location is a 'one time' exploreable, 'on invatition' or more likely the locations are on a weekly rotation of accessibilty resetting on CG reset thursday like Barnacles do right now.
Asking up FrontierDev is still pending for answer. i starting to expand my spreadsheet for my own research and maybee help of other Commanders to visit these places (7 known so far) on a weekly schedule for at least 2 weeks to aprove the state of them.
Any help aprichiated.

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