Well, I finally got hold of an Adder this morning. I thought it was an ugly ship the first time I laid eyes on it, but it let me move on to trading rare commodities and that's not nothing. Sadly, it was as much fun to fly as to look at. After all that time in a Sidewinder, I missed being able to look up. The visibility is awful, with struts and panels and a roof in the way; I like to look up when lining up with stations, so it got far harder to dock with the larger stations.

One quick round of rares from Altair and a couple of nearby stations, then on to Lave. It was long and slow, stopping every few systems for fuel, but I made it, earning another 400,000 CR which went on a Cobra Mk. III and a fuel scoop . It's been almost 30 years since I first flew a Cobra out of Lave station and it felt just as good as I remembered. In theory, it handles worse than an Adder, but it felt better and moved faster. Also, it's not an Adder, which counts for a lot.

So now I am sitting with a Cobra full of good to take back for lots more credits. I am tempted to buy that Eagle Mk. II I'd been eying too, something for the weekend or at least for when I feel the need to kill something rather than build up my trading rank. 

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