It was only this morning that I managed to put my finger on why I have only been playing in short bursts recently. I'd be sitting down to play and then I'd quit after a half-hour or less. Sometimes, I was getting as far as checking the bulletin board and then logging back out.

Part of the issue is that I used to play with my dad, the man who introduced me to Elite back in the days of the BBC B. Flying in a wing is somehow more exciting than flying alone. My brother was a backer, so he'd been playing since launch, while I only started last month. I think he got a little bored before I even got going and so we have never played at the same time.

The other issue is that the latest patch added new missions and I think they have thinned out the missions which I like to take. Before the update, I'd take a couple of pirate-hunting missions and maybe a courier job all in the same system. I was used to having multiple missions in the same place, but now... I am lucky to see even a single pirate-hunting mission and I'd be lucky to find any other missions in the same system.

I'm not really feeling it right now. Maybe I will take a break and come back in a couple of weeks; I think I might have been overdoing it a little recently...

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