• RichardAHallett

    In the CQC Championship, as you rank up you unlock more loadouts and more modules for those loadouts. I was rank 9 or so when I started revamping the CQC Loadout pages. Annoyingly, you can't see the rank required for things you've already unlocked.

    If someone who hasn't yet ranked up too far could submit the missing details, either as a comment on this blog post (with screenshots if you don't want to type it out) or by editing the appropriate articles, that would be very helpful.

    For the Loadouts overview we are currently lacking what rank the first Sidewinder, Eagle, and Imperial Fighter loadouts are unlocked at. This can be seen on the Ship Select screen (from the main menu click Start → CQC Championship → Ship Select.)

    Viewing modules within…

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  • RichardAHallett

    Starport or Station

    November 9, 2015 by RichardAHallett

    Currently, the term starport is used inconsistently throughout the wiki, but usually as if its definition is:

    • Starport: A large station with a Docking Bay. A station which is not an outpost.

    However, in Elite Dangerous: Horizons we will be getting surface starports on planets, which are inconsistent with this definition. Should we change the usage of terms throughout the wiki to make starport consistently a more generic term, such as:

    • Starport: A structure with Landing Pads, where ships can dock and access various services.

    This definition would include large stations with docking bays, outposts, and planetary installations.

    An example of what I am talking about is the page Orbis. It opens with the line:

    If the wiki's use of "Starport" moved away …

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  • RichardAHallett

    While editing character pages, such as Arissa Lavigny-Duval, Georgio Algeria or Jasmina Halsey, I added new entries to their Timelines in the order they were already: the Twitter timeline-style newer at the top. I think it would read better with older at the top, so you can keep reading downward to discover what happened next. However, as a new contributor to this wiki, I didn't want to go through and change them all if others think they should be in the order they are.

    Is there a guideline/consensus for what order Timelines should be in?

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