There's a `Purchase Locations` heading on every ship and module page, including the Shipyard page, that I don't think should be on the Wikia. My reasoning behind it is that it's better to provide information on where it's more likely to find these ships, modules, etc than what some systems and stations have. And I don't think the Wikia is a place to see all the locations for it, if so I think it's better to provide some systems that are scattered throughout the populated space.

As of right now there isn't an app that lists a station's ships and modules, which is most likely due to them not being completely static and that most people don't need them. As soon as there is a decent app that gives you possible ship and module locations then we'll remove the Purchase Locations and add a link to the app, but for now we'll let them be because some people want the information and because the tables are collapsible.

There was a similar issue with the Black Market where there was a huge table of possible black markets, to which I deleted the table of. Some people got upset and so I created an app for finding the nearest ones (through EDDB's nightly dumps). I'd suggest other people to do the same for ships and modules (and to create a central hub with an API for basic system and station information, much like EDDB currently store).

Edit: I know about the typo in the title, that's embarrassing

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