Figured out that the Lua Infoboxbuilder that Wikia offers actually has a value type called "split". Figured it out looking through the code of Infoboxbuilder and saw it, I wouldn't have found it anywhere else as it's not mentioned that much anywhere else nor is it on the documentation.

I put up an example on User:SpyTec/Template:Infoboxbuilder Split. More or less, it allows us to have two colums, where the first row is the labels rather than first column. The other rows below it are the values. It should be able to handle Methods as well for custom modules, but not yet tested.

With this we can probably produce some interesting infoboxes, will experiment more with Lua and see if we can get some custom infobox builder to collapse whole sections as well, then we can incorporate the ship's equipment slots into the infobox in a nice way.

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