Utopia is a massive movement, a living network of technological communes with 91.8 billion members and growing. It values freedom of information and a willingness to share knowledge and ideas, tenets which allowed Utopia to grow into a living network of technological communes with the purpose to help lead the galaxy towards a better tomorrow. Utopian leader Pranav Antal says people should be driven by righteous desires rather than base ones. Within five years, hundreds of thousands of scientists, programmers and engineers joined the Utopian lifestyle to create a wealth of new technology that can revolutionize the galaxy when mass production is achieved. Their workshops require vast amounts of materials.[1]

The original Utopian Commune was led by Simguru Rishi Antal, the master of transcendental technology. His son Simguru Pranav Antal succeeded him.[2] Many people are attracted to the experimental tech, high standards of living and ideals for a better society. There are reports that people who question or disagree with Antal's wisdom get kidnapped and imprisoned, but Simguru Antal rejects the accusations.[1] The headquarters of Pranav Antal is in Polevnic.

In the Utopian compound on Antal, people can see futuristic technology that's years ahead. Utopian engineers made it freely available for study, regardless of the factional leanings of those who wished to explore their mysteries.[3]

Beliefs Edit

Pranav Antal

Simguru Pranav Antal

Simguru Antal told GalNet “We live in an imperfect world, one constructed from the chaos that is this universe’s random nature.” [2]

 “The struggle of men and women to impose order through innovation and understanding is the key to humanity’s ultimate happiness. The advancement of our species towards that inevitable point of peace and prosperity is not only my love, my passion, it is my very reason for being. It is the reason that all of us are here. To make our dreams, and our passions, become a reality.”[2]

“If Utopia is to succeed, we must be driven by our righteous desires, not by our base ones. After all, it is only through mastering ourselves that we can hope to master the worlds around us.”[2]

"Through innovative technology we shall create paradise." - Pranav Antal[4]

Technology Edit

The Sim-Archive is Utopia's primary achievement – a vast digital repository containing the collective wisdom of all their departed brothers and sisters.[5]

Individuals Edit

  • Simguru Pranav Antal - leader of the Utopia movement
  • Simguru Rishi Antal - former master of transcendental technology and father of Pranav Antal
  • Adjudicator Adric Claavis - head of the Utopian relief effort[6]
  • Dr. Saeed McNamara - Utopia futurologist[7]
  • Dr. Leigh Constantinides - Utopia spokesperson[8]

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