Vega System Map
Controlling FactionVega Independents
AllegianceFederation vector Federation
PowerZachary Hudson vector Zachary Hudson

Very high humidity and native life make this an interesting place to visit.Many exotic food stuffs are grown here. The scenery is strikingly beautiful, though the wildlife can be dangerous. Was known in ancient times as 3 alpha Lyrae.

— In-Game Description

Vega is a Federation system. Travelling there requires a permit which is acquired at the rank of Chief Petty Officer (5) in the Federal Navy Auxilliary. The rare commodity Vega Slimweed can be purchased at Taylor City.

System LayoutEdit

  • Vega
    • Popov Reward
      • Taylor City
    • Vega 2
      • Vega D A
      • Vega A
      • Vega B
      • Vega C
      • Vega D
      • Vega E
    • Tracy's Haven
      • Fort Dixon
      • Trikora
        • Mori Terminal
    • Vega 4