Voyager 1

Voyager 1

Voyager 1 is an ancient space probe that was used by NASA to study Jupiter, Mars and the outer planets of Sol. It launched on September 5, 1977. In 3301 it was rediscovered 2.1 million LS out from Sol.[1] It's identical to Voyager 2.

Both probes include the Voyager Golden Record which is a recording of sounds and images of life on Earth. It has sounds of nearly all languages on Earth and was designed by a team lead by Carl Sagan to communicate with extraterrestrial life.[2]

Locations Edit

Voyager 1 was found at the following locations, as determined by its distance from Sol, Sedna, and Persephone.

You must be within a 1,000 ls radius to be able to find the two Points of Interest markers, "Ancient Probe" (the actual vehicle) and "Voyager", its associated tourist beacon.

System Coordinates Date Seen Notes
Sol Sol: 2,317,434 ls
Sedna: 2,379,795 ls
Persephone: 2,385,844 ls
Sol Sol: 2,317,434 ls
Sedna: 2,379,862 ls
Persephone: 2,385,715 ls
Sol Sol: 2,317,434 ls
Sedna: 2,380,074 ls
Persephone: 2,385,305 ls
2018-06-20 Visited by Cmdr 8BitGraphic
Sol Sol: 2,317,434 ls
Sedna: 2,380,228 ls
Persephone: 2,385,007 ls
2018-07-22 Visited by Cmdr Lambeau
Sol Sol: 2,317,434 ls
Sedna: 2,380,384 ls
Persephone: 2,384,706 ls
2018-08-23 Visited by Cmdr Beeb84
Sol Sol: 2,317,434 ls
Sedna: 2,380,523 ls
Persephone: 2,384,436 ls
2018-09-21 Visited by Cmdr Talmahera
Sol Sol: 2,317,434 ls
Sedna: 2,380,605 ls
Persephone: 2,384,277 ls
2018-10-08 Visited by Cmdr ethzero
Sol Sol: 2,317,434 ls
Sedna: 2,380,668 ls
Persephone: 2,384,155 ls
2018-10-21 Visited by Cmdr ethzero

Distance difference (since last personal measurement): 455 m.

(Location is recorded 30 m from Voyager 1)


Sol: 2,317,434 ls
Sedna: 2,380,775 ls
Persephone: 2,383,947 ls


Visited by Cmdr feiercrack

Sol Sol: 2,317,434 ls
Sedna: 2,380,802 ls
Persephone: 2,383,894 ls
2018-11-18 Visited by Cmdr Klhank
Sol Sol: 2,317,434 ls
Sedna: 2,380,895 ls
Persephone: 2,383,715 ls
2018-12-07 Visited by Cmdr ethzero

Based on the table above, the position of Voyager 1 is growing farther from Sedna at an average rate of 4.93 ls/day (SD = 0.33 ls/day) and growing closer to Persephone at an average rate 9.56 ls/day (SD= 0.66 ls/day). This can be used to estimate the current position precisely enough to get within 1000 ls of Voyager 1.

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Personal assistance is available to Commanders attempting to locate the Voyager 1 probe:

  • CMDR ethzero. By prior arrangement for PC-based Commanders only, will act as a long-range location marker using a Wingman Beacon Signal. Contact: DM 'ethzero' via Discord

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