Voyager 2

Voyager 2 is an ancient space probe that was used by NASA to study Jupiter, Mars and the outer planets of Sol. It launched on August 20, 1977. In 3301 it was rediscovered 2.1 million LS out from Sol.[1] It's identical to Voyager 1.

Both probes include the Voyager Golden Record which is a recording of sounds and images of life on Earth. It has sounds of nearly all languages on Earth and was designed by a team lead by Carl Sagan to communicate with extraterrestrial life.[2]

Locations Edit

Voyager 2 was found at the following locations.

System Coordinates Date Seen Notes
Sol Sol: 2,069,476 ls

Sedna: 1,736,022 ls

Persephone: 2,365,188 ls

2018-04-24 Voyager 2 was located at the following distances from Sol, Sedna and Persephone. The Sol distance doesn't change, but the Sedna and Persephone distances need to be updated every 2 or 3 months.
Sol Sol: 2,069,473 ls

Sedna: 1,735,795 ls

Persephone: 2,365,758 ls

2018-06-20 20:53 UTC Visited by Cmdr 8BitGraphic. Proposol: Fly in direction of system Hyroks up to 2,069,473 ls away from Sol, then fine tune your position.
Sol Sol: 2,069,476 ls

Sedna: 1,735,602 ls

Persephone: 2,366,243 ls

2018-08-10 Visited by Cmdr GlowyHedgehog
Sol Sol 2,069,476 ls

Sedna: 1,735,570 ls

Persephone: 2,366,324 ls

2018-08-18 Visited by CMDR Iale Aiwerwn
Sol Sol 2,069,476 ls

Sedna: 1,735,536 ls

Persephone: 2,366,409 ls

2018-08-27 Visited by Cmdr Beeb84
Sol Sol: 2,069,476 ls

Sedna: 1,735,468 ls

Persephone: 2,366,582 ls

2018-09-13 Visited by Cmdr DarionStarblade
Sol Sol: 2,069,476 ls

Sedna: 1,735,337 ls

Persephone: 2,366,910 ls

Sol Sol: 2,069,476 ls

Sedna: 1,735,236 ls

Persephone: 2,367,165 ls

2018-11-13 Visited by Cmdr feiercrack

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