Controlling FactionLiberals of Warkushanui
AllegianceFederation vector Federation

Warkushanui is a star system noteworthy for the technical issues plaguing its starports.

The ruling Federation democratic faction, Liberals of Warkushanui, are currently fighting a civil war against an independent corporation, Warkushanui Industry, for control of the system.


28 OCT 3301

  • Officials at Gurragchaa Gateway announced that all station services were suspended due to the mysterious technical issues, and that they were "still trying to determine the cause of the problem." An official Federal travel warning was issued soon after, telling pilots to avoid the system entirely.[1]

22 OCT 3301

  • A mechanic at Gurragchaa Gateway described "malfunctions and breakdowns cropping up all over the starport" with "no obvious cause". When asked by the Federal Times if the Anomalous Extraterrestrial Objects discovered in the system could be the cause, staff on the station said that "all available lines of enquiry were being explored".[2]

16 OCT 3301

  • GalNet reported on the escalating problem in the Warkushanui system with technical issues in starports. Sam Norris, a technician on Coats Hub, described "power outages, intermittent problems with our communications, and issues with the docking systems," as well as being unable to communicate with Gurragchaa Gateway.[3]

System LayoutEdit


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