Wolf 359
Wolf 359
Controlling FactionBlue Travel Commodities

Wolf 359 is an independent system located within Federation territory.

Wolf 359 is also a red dwarf in the Leo constellation. It's one of the faintest and lowest mass stars about 7.8 light years from Earth. Its apparent magnitude is 13.5. Wolf 359 is one of the nearest stars to the Sol system. It has a solar radius of 0.435300.[1]

System LayoutEdit

System FactionsEdit

Blue Travel CommoditiesEdit

Allegiance: Independent

Corporation faction

An Independent business organisation that has incorporated with its respective home government:

Current state: Civil War

Pending states: None

The Jet Camorra Edit

Allegiance: Independent

Unfettered faction

This group is known to have disdain for any laws outside of its own attempts to govern its members behavior

Current state: None

Pending states: None

Wolf 359 Conservatives Edit

Allegiance: Independent

Dictator faction

An organisation that engages in authoritarian activities in order to establish and maintain absolute control over it's chosen field of interest

Current state: None

Pending states: None

Union of Wolf 359 Labour Edit

Allegiance: Federation

Political faction

Members of the group are actively engaged in promotion of a democratically approved political agenda

Current state: None

Pending states: none

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