Controlling FactionXelabara Republic Party
AllegianceAlliance vector Alliance

Xelabara is an Alliance star system.

It is home to the rare commodity Onionhead Alpha Strain, which can be bought at Navigator Market.

System LayoutEdit


DEC 3301

  • Onionhead Alpha Strain went on sale for the first time.

25 NOV 3301

  • The Drug Empire of Xelabara's appeal for Onion Head was successful.

This just goes to show that the demand for onionhead is a strong as ever, despite the Federation's attempts to quash it. I want to say a big thank you to all the traders who made the journey to Xelabara, and to all the pilots who helped clear the pirates from our spaceways. You guys rock!

— Rooney 'Rush' Romero, Drug Empire of Xelabara spokesman[1]

19 NOV 3301


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  2. Faction Issues Appeal for Onion Head
  3. Onion Head Appeal Attracts Pirates

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