GromLogo Yuri Grom
Home SystemEuryale
Galactic StandingIncrease 9
Command CapitalIncrease 1337 CC
PSMContainment Missile
PreparationEthos Covert Covert
ExpansionEthos Combat Combat
ControlEthos Covert Covert

Yuri Grom is the leader of the independent faction known as the EG Pilots, which rose to galactic prominence following their victory in the Dangerous Games.

Now Yuri Grom is the first player-formed Power in Elite: Dangerous. His HQ is situated in Clayakarma system and his territory grows with each cycle. There are numerous players factions in this region of space and Grom has a good relationships with most of them. Some of them are willingly pledged to Yuri Grom and are helping him to turn his main slogan "Freedom Among the Stars" into reality.[citation needed]


22 MAR 3304

  • Yuri Grom announces an initiative to construct a shipyard in the CPC 20 6743 system. The shipyard will provide new Farragut Battle Cruisers to bolster humanity's defenses against the Thargoids.[1]

27 OCT 3302

  • With the EG Pilots victorious in the Dangerous Games, Yuri Grom becomes the latest Power in the galaxy. Formerly an admiral in the Federation, Grom left the faction and later came into conflict with them at Euryale. He has since become dictator of the fiercely loyal EG Pilots.[2]

10 DEC 3302

  • The peace treaty has been achieved by Yuri Grom and Edmund Mahon, leading to cease fire regime. The Lundji border conflict is now finished. (reference needed)

DEC 3302

  • A new strong Coalition has been formed between Yuri Grom and Empire. Members of the new Coalition are now settling legal niceties, but it is already obvious that their combined military power is going to become dominant in the Galaxy. However, members of the Coalition are claiming that this unification are targeted only on deep cooperation and defence needs. The signing of the Treaty is going to happen any day.[citation needed]


To smuggle is to steal from your State, and thus from every law-abiding citizen, whose interests it protects.

— Yuri Grom - Dictator of Euryale

Freedom does not mean Anarchy. Unyielding, lawful rule is crucial to the principle that one man’s freedom ends where another man's freedom begins.

— Yuri Grom - Dictator of Euryale

Progress in mankind's development is inevitable, but it is imperative that we prevent the lust for innovation from jeopardizing the successes of our past.

— Yuri Grom - Dictator of Euryale

Though narcotics are an absolute evil, we should not fight them with prohibition, but by improving man’s quality of life. A contented, free citizen has no desire to indulge.

— Yuri Grom - Dictator of Euryale

Slavery, the violation of our most basic right to freedom, is unacceptable in modern society. However, Imperial slaving traditions are different – their citizens choose this fate, we should respect their customs.

— Yuri Grom - Dictator of Euryale

Ethos Edit

Current Power Play stance Edit

Other factions relationships Edit

  • Yuri condemns piracy in all its forms, that's why his relationships with Archon Delaine and his Kumo Crew is precisely hostile.[citation needed]
  • As a former Admiral of the Federal Fleet and citizen on the Federation, Yuri Grom respects its citizens, but despises corrupted Federal governors and wire-pullers, which made Yuri start a war for the independence of Euryale. Political relationships with the Federation may be described as strained.[citation needed]
  • Yuri Grom is positive towards the Empire and is in close cooperation with Imperial factions (Aisling Duval, Arissa Lavigny-Duval, Denton Patreus, Zemina Torval). Presently a Treaty of alliance between Yuri Grom and the Empire is being worked on. This treaty has the potential to change the Galactic power landscape.[citation needed]
  • Despite the lack of cooperation with Li Yong-Rui, with the exception of small humanitarian and social connections, Yuri Grom respects him and there's a positive neutrality between these factions.[citation needed]
  • Yuri Grom has a good friendly relationships with Simguru Pranav Antal due to similarity of views of both leaders on many aspects. Relationships between these factions may be described as friendly or even allied.[citation needed]
  • Edmund Mahon and Yuri Grom are currently at peace with each other, following a peace treaty that ended the Lundji border conflict. Despite the past conflict there's a high chance that these factions will be cooperating in the future.[citation needed]

Trivia Edit

  • Yuri Grom is the first player-formed Power Play faction in Elite: Dangerous (EG Pilots)[citation needed]
  • Yuri Grom is the only primary russian-speaking Power faction in the game[citation needed]
  • Yuri Grom was named after legendary soviet cosmonaut and the first human in space - Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin[citation needed]


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