Zachary Hudson vector Zachary Hudson
Zachary Hudson
AllegianceFederation vector Federation
OccupationPresident of the Federation
Galactic StandingIncrease 2
Command CapitalDecrease 6896 CC
PSMPacifier Frag-Cannon
PreparationEthos Combat Combat
ExpansionEthos Combat Combat
ControlEthos Combat Combat

We may not fire the first shot, but we will fire the last.

— President Zachary Hudson

Zachary Hudson is the President of the Federation. He is a Republican, and like the rest of his party he believes the government has a responsibility to be as small a burden on the individual as possible, embodied in his policy of reducing taxes. This policy is popular, apart from with those who relied on government support before he was elected.

Hudson is an advocate of personal freedom at any cost, requiring individual responsibility for oneself. He supports the use of the CQC Championship simulation for recruitment and training of the Federal Navy. He's always been supportive of the military and approved additional funds to upgrade and expand the Federal fleet to counter threats beyond the Federation's borders. He regularly goes hunting on the many frontier worlds during holidays.[1] Hudson is a friend of Admiral Vincent.[2]


13 JUN 3301

  • Hudson made a speech to business leaders at the Banqueting Hall in Quenisset on Mars. "We need a stronger military, a military that gets respect from our youth. We need better soldiers, better fighters, better pilots. We need to be more outward-looking." He criticised the Federation's youth, saying excessive sim use had made them flabby. "They need to take part in the real world, and so we will be creating programs to allow them to do just that. Programmes that will excite them, engage them, train them."[3]

02 JUN 3301

  • After Federal Congress cast a 66% vote of no confidence in the Liberal Administration, Zachary Hudson was declared President.[4]

15 SEP 3303

  • Zachary Hudson made a public address following Admiral Aden Tanners declaration that the Thargoids are an enemy of the Federation. President Hudson said: “Like many others, I hoped that the Thargoids would prove to be peaceful. Today I am forced to concede that my optimism was misplaced. What I say now, I say to every citizen of the Federation: Action will be taken.”[5]


Idleness is the rot lurking in our great society.

— President Zachary Hudson

I'm just not paying for them to lie around all day.

— President Zachary Hudson


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Preceded by Title Succeeded by
Jasmina Halsey President of the Federation Incumbent

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