Zemina Torval vector Zemina Torval
Zemina Torval
AllegianceEmpire vector Empire
Home SystemSynteini
Galactic StandingDecrease 9
Command CapitalIncrease 4252 CC
PSMMining Lance
PreparationEthos Finance Finance
ExpansionEthos Finance Finance
ControlEthos Covert Covert

Those who treat their slaves badly should receive the same. After all, how can they work properly if they are not cared for correctly?

— Senator Zemina Torval

Zemina Torval is a senator of the Empire. As the controlling shareholder in Mastopolos Mining, her time is split between business and politics. She is a traditionalist, emphasising the importance of Imperial slavery and of taking proper care of one's Imperial Slaves. She has a substantial military fleet, but prefers diplomacy to force when possible. She takes the long, considered approach to amassing power.[1]

Lore Edit

Zemina Torval is a preposterously rich senator. She uses her slaver corporation supporters and personal fleet of Majestic Class Interdictors dubbed 'enforcers' to suppress revolts and to further her ambitions. As a senator she has used her huge wealth to lower taxation to zero for supporters in her home systems. This made her hugely popular.[2]

Her wealth is built on slavery. She gained fortunes via her majority stake in Mastopolos Mining and endeavors such as the 26 million credits claimed by commanders willing to offer Sorbago's slaves the 'opportunity' of a better class of slavery in the Empire via Mastopolos Mining Inc's links with the Senator.[3]

Occasionally she goes to her jungle retreat with her luxuriously equipped Majestic Class yacht "Xanadu" which still packs a punch and is ready to travel at a moment's notice.[4][5]


27 AUG 3301

08 APR 3301

  • Senator Zemina Torval's pro-Imperial slavery side won the slavery public support challenge against Stop Slavery Stupid and Aisling Duval. The Imperial Slavers Association received 2,387,567 Unregulated Slaves for retraining, while Stop Slavery Stupid only managed to free 1,149,756 Imperial Slaves.[7]

01 APR 3301

  • Stop Slavery Stupid and Aisling Duval's ideological differences with Senator Zemina Torval came to a head with a public support challenge. Zemina Torval and the Imperial Society would buy unregulated slaves to turn them into Imperial slaves. Stop Slavery Stupid would accept donations of Imperial slaves with the intention of freeing them. If Aisling won, Torval would free all the slaves bought in the course of the challenge. If Torval won, Aisling would take on a personal contingent of Imperial Slaves for no less than one year.[8]

22 DEC 3300

  • Senator Torval Speaks out against Aisling Duval and her (Slavery) Abolitionist Message in the jungle retreat on her yacht 'Xanadu', 22 Dec 3300. "That illegitimate child Aisling Duval speaks out against slavery, but she knows nothing of it. Look at our streets. We have no beggars. No graffiti. No one goes hungry. Our streets are safe. Look at the Federation. The girl's never been of course. People die of starvation despite their crippling taxes. Is that what she wants, because it seems popular? Go to the Federation then! She speaks for her father because he can barely talk and is only lucid for a few moments at a time. It's not as if her father will ever ascend to the throne. Everyone knows he wrecked his brain many years ago."[5]

20 DEC 3300

  • Sent more of her private warships to Sorbago in an attempt to stop the system wide rebellion from gaining more traction. Also, increased aid for those assisting her in fighting off ships who have been supplying the rebels with weapons.[9]

18 DEC 3300

  • Remarked on Aisling Duval's speech.[10]

16 DEC 3300


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